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About us

EXIMTUR  Company Profile 


Established in 1993 in Cluj Napoca, EXIMTUR has experienced an ongoing and steady growth, expanding its network of agencies to all major cities across the country, thus becoming one of the leading travel companies in Romania.

Thanks to the support and confidence of our customers and partners, today, after 25 years, EXIMTUR’s network consists of 23 travel agencies, 16 own agencies, and 7 franchised agencies in: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Sibiu, Oradea, Arad, Baia-Mare, Suceava, Constanta, Tirgu Mures, Satu Mare, Iasi, Medias, Alba Iulia, Hunedoara and Resita.

Our mission is to become YOUR travel consultant! We plan to provide our customers full and high-quality tourist products and travel services!

Our vision is to develop one of the most extensive and powerful network of agencies in Romania, capable of providing standardized services that should satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of travel safety and comfort for business or leisure travel!

Our values are primarily founded on commitment to our customers, employees, partners, and contractors and on conducting a transparent activity, in full compliance with the national and EU legislation!

Our experience, our strong partnerships nationwide and abroad and our team of tourism consultants ensure the high quality of our travel services and are our main assets, that YOU, the tourist, the business traveler, our customer, would benefit from!


Lucia Nora Morariu, 

President of EXIMTUR




Name, Head Office, and Contact Information:


16, Nichita Stănescu St., 400366 CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA

phone: 0364 803803, fax: 0364 803804, e-mail: travel@eximtur.ro;  web: www.eximtur.ro


Capital: RON 100,000.

Sole registration code: RO 3553943

Trade Registry No: J12/1029/1993 Cluj

Major areas of operation as per CAEN code of 2008: 7912 –Tour operator activities



Travel / Tour Operator License No 213;

IATA Accredited Travel Agency / (International Air Transport Association) for issuing air tickets on domestic and international routes; 

Quality management system certification under ISO 9001:2008 standards.


Participation in associative bodies

Member of A.N.A.T. (Asociatia Nationala a Agentiilor de Turism din Romania)

Member of C.C.I.A. Cluj (Cluj Chamber of Commerce)

Member of RBL Fundation (Romanian Business Leaders Foundation)

Member of AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce)

Member of FBN (Family Business Network)

Member of NRCC (Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce)

Member of Open Bridge Consortium

Member of RoSwed (Romanian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture)

Member of BEROBA (Belgian Romanian Business Association)



EXIMTUR Head Office and Agencies in Romania:

EXIMTUR Cluj-Napoca Nichita Stănescu (Central Head Office) CLUJ-NAPOCA 400366, 16, Nichita Stănescu St., Phone: 0364 803 803, E-mail: travel@eximtur.ro, business@eximtur.ro. Web: www.eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Cluj-Napoca Şaguna (Retail + Business Travel) CLUJ-NAPOCA 400103, 34-36 Andrei Şaguna St., Phone: 0264 433 569, E-mail: travel@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Cluj-Napoca Iulius Mall (Retail) CLUJ-NAPOCA 400436, Iulius Mall –53-55, Al. Vaida Voievod St., Phone: 0264 522 000, E-mail: travel@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Bucharest Calderon (Retail) BUCHAREST 020027, 1-5, J.L. Calderon St. (former Dimitrie Gerota), Sector 2, Phone: 021 315 8711, E-mail: bucuresti@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Bucharest Latina (Retail) BUCHAREST 020027, 1, Latina St. , Sector 2, Phone: 031 425 0560, E-mail: bucuresti@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Bucharest Calinescu (Regional office + Business Travel) Bucharest 021012, 26, Armand Calinescu St., Sector 2, Phone: 021 318 40 05, E-mail: bucuresti@eximtur.robusiness@eximtur.ro; 

EXIMTUR Timişoara Regional Office (Regional Office + Business Travel) TIMIŞOARA 300226, 4, Victor Babeş St., Phone: 0256 201 410, E-mail: timisoara@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Timişoara A. Iulia (Retail) TIMIŞOARA 300077, 1, Vlad Delamarina St., Phone: 0256 492 958, E-mail: timisoara@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Arad (Retail) ARAD 310025, 64, Revoluţiei Blvd., Phone: 0257 270 077, E-mail: arad@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Sibiu (Retail + Business Travel) SIBIU 550159, 6, Nicolae Bălcescu St., Phone: 0269 245 508, E-mail: sibiu@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Sibiu (Regional Office Incoming) SIBIU 550006, 19, Avram Iancu St., Phone: 0364 803 715, E-mail: sibiu@eximtur.ro; 

EXIMTUR Baia Mare (Retail) BAIA MARE 430211, 5, Traian Blvd., Phone: 0262 222 395, E-mail: baiamare@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Oradea (Retail) ORADEA 410002, 2, Ady Endre St., Phone: 0259 412 418, E-mail: oradea@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Suceava Iulius Mall (Retail) SUCEAVA 720018, Iulius Mall – 22, Calea Unirii St., Phone: 0330 803 070, E-mail: suceava@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Constanţa (Retail) CONSTANŢA 900669, 111, Tomis Blvd., Phone: 0341 178 817, E-mail: constanta@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Tirgu Mureş (Retail) TÎRGU-MURES 540061, Piaţa Victoriei nr. 24, Tel/Fax: 0265 250 023, Email: tirgumures@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Satu Mare (Retail) SATU MARE 440014, Piata Libertatii nr. 11, Tel: 0361 809 961, E-mail: satumare@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Medias – Franchise, MEDIAŞ, 24, I.G. Duca St., Phone: 0269 839 681, E-mail: medias@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Iasi – Franchise, IASI 700106, 10, Independentei Blvd., Phone: 0232 217 740, E-mail: iasi@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Alba-Iulia - Franchise, ALBA IULIA 510077, 14, Revolutiei 1989 Blvd., Phone/Fax: 0358 103 934, E-mail: albaiulia@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Constanta - Franchise, CONSTANTA, 56 Ferdinand Av., Phone/fax: 0241 582 831, E-mail: constanta.ferdinand@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Bucuresti Stirbei - Franchise, Bucuresti 10121, 166/20C Stirbei Voda St., Phone: 0314 178 230, E-mail: bucuresti.stirbei@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Hunedoara - Franchise, Hunedoara 331037, 10 Avram Iancu St., Phone: 0354 881 886, E-mail: hunedoara@eximtur.ro;

EXIMTUR Resita - Franchise, Resita, 26 Piata 1 Decembrie 1918 St., Phone: 0355 429 344, E-mail: resita@eximtur.ro;


Financial Data





Average Number of Employees





























Financial Audit 

Starting from year 2007, the company’s financial statements are audited by external financial auditors.


Supplier Partnerships

The complexity and diversity of the travel services offered by EXIMTUR are complemented by its partnerships with several leading European tour operators, such as Dertour, Neckermann, Thomas Cook, TUI, Meyer`s, ADAC, or ITS.

Hotel reservation services in cities and for business travel are largely based on our partnerships with Wholesalers and GDS’s (Global Distribution Systems), who operate specialized online reservation systems, such as AMADEUS, GTA, Travco, Go Global, Hotusa, Restel, WHS, Tourico, Hotelcon, or Visit Balkans.

Reservation services for business and leisure travel in Romania are based on the contracts concluded by EXIMTUR with over 400 hotel establishments in Romania, included in one of the most comprehensive database of its kind, available on the company website.

Booking and air ticketing services are based on our partnerships with the two reservation sytems (GDS’s) available in Romania (AMADEUS and Worldspan by TRAVELPORT), on our IATA accreditation, and our partnerships with all regular and low-cost airlines operating flights to and from Romania.

The major partner airlines of EXIMTUR are: Tarom, Lufthansa, Austrian, Swiss Air Lines, Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Czezh Airlines, British Airways, LOT, Turkish Airlines, Qatar, TAP, Emirates, Wizzair.

Most of EXIMTUR’s business is conducted through Unicredit Bank.

The quality management system certification of EXIMTUR company under ISO 9001:2008 standards has been performed and is being monitored by S.G.S. (Société Générale de Surveillance).


The Team

Our team mostly consists of young people, motivated and trained in accordance with well-defined rules and standards, working beside a core of well-experienced professionals, with various qualifications.

Most of our employees are tour operator and travel agents, specialized in ticketing, tourism, and travel consultancy.

We have specialized business travel teams operating in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, and Sibiu, consisting of experienced professional travel consultants, capable of offering personalized and dedicated services, according to the specific needs of the corporate customers; starting with 2014, this division is EXIMTUR Business.

Our regular internal or external training sessions for advance study, on sales, communication, or customer care keep our team’s performance at the highest standards.



EXIMTUR BUSINESS: Business Travel Services

The above-mentioned facts generate a number of competitive advantages that recommend us when you choose your dedicated travel consultant:

- EXIMTUR BUSINESS is EXIMTUR’s division which understands its corporate customers’ business travel needs, so that their only focus is their business.

-  Our network is one of the most extensive and powerful travel networks in Romania;

- We have the ability to provide – under preferential conditions reserved for corporate clients – the full range of business travel services offered by a travel company (ticketing, event planning, car rentals, train tickets, insurance, etc.);

- Partnerships with direct, leading suppliers, who support the quality of the services provided by us;

- Our ability to negotiate air rates with airlines for the benefit of EXIMTUR’s corporate customers, granted by our position on the ticketing market;

- The quality management system governing the operations of EXIMTUR, based on standardized procedures, and providing travel safety to our customers;

- The travel management software enabling us to supply a series of travel reports and regular traffic and cost reviews to the benefit of our corporate customers;

- Strict compliance with specific and general legislation and the transparent activity of our company;

- Stable position of EXIMTUR Company in the top companies listing for the industry.


Booking and air ticketing for domestic and international flights for corporate customers

EXIMTUR Company is well-established on the Romanian ticketing market, becoming one of the most prominent IATA – BSP ticketing companies. The long-standing experience in the business and the intensive training programmes undergone by our ticketing agents are grounds enough for letting us believe we have one of the best performing team of ticketing consultants.

Requests for issuance of air tickets coming from companies with travel needs, either business or leisure, have been increasingly higher every year, which has helped us acquire considerable experience in working both with smaller companies, and with large domestic companies and multinational corporations, having significant traffic and air ticket volumes. Today, we manage booking and ticketing portfolios for various corporations in the range of 300 to 2500 tickets issued per corporation in one year, on both domestic and international flights.


Hotel reservations in Romania for corporate customers

For accommodation services and event planning in business hotels in Romania, we currently have the widest offer available on the market, based on over 400 direct contracts concluded with hotel establishments in major cities across the country. The offer further includes contracts with dozens of hotels suitable for organizing events, congresses, conferences, team-building activities, etc., in resorts and tourist regions in Romania.


Hotel reservations abroad for corporate customers

For international destinations, EXIMTUR makes accommodation reservations for corporate customers using the specialized online reservation systems of the above-mentioned Wholesalers and GDS’s, partners whose volumes make it possible for our consultants to always offer the best price/quality ratio for the services ordered.

Using the services of EXIMTUR, you may therefore reduce the travel costs of your company and access hotels around the world in record time, for all categories of comfort and budget.


Event planning (business meetings, team-buildings, conferences, congresses, incentives, etc.)

The Business & Events Department of EXIMTUR has specialized agents capable to anticipate the needs of corporate customers and to come up with excelent suggestions and innovative solutions, always customized to the requirements and budgets committed to such events.

Our experience in organizing an extremely wide variety of events is providing us with the advantage of offering the following categories of specific services:

- Strategic planning and assistance throughout the duration of the events;

- Negotiated preferential rates;

- Choosing and outfitting /decorating the venue premises;

- Transportation, transfer, and accommodation services;

- Meal services -catering, grand opening receptions, festive dinners, coffee breaks;

- Logistic services and technical equipment;

- Professional solutions dedicated to outdoor and indoor team-building activities;

- Simultaneous conference interpreting services;

- Graphic design, desktop form publishing and printing;

- Electronic services – online registrations, creation of dedicated web pages;

- Personalized custom imprinted promotional materials /items;

- Pre- /post-event tour programs;

- Identifying and attracting media partners;

- Effective coordination of the event and preparation of the final organization report.

The EXIMTUR portfolio in this area includes: events organized for prestigious national medical associations, events for pharmaceutical companies, team-buildings for IT companies, 18 national conferences and presentations (attendance ranging between 15 and 150 participants) for a corporate customer in the insurance segment, 14 national conferences organized to date for a U.S. Government agency, workshops with international participation, very complex international motivational /incentive programmes (Antalya - 200 participants, Amsterdam, Vienna, London, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, South Africa, etc.).


Travel associated services for corporate customers

Along with, and in support of the basic ticketing, hotel reservation, and event planning services offered to our corporate customers, EXIMTUR also provides a wide range of travel associated services, such as: VIP services in all domestic airports, specific information on the issuance of passports and visas, assistance for visa applications and health certificates required for the travel, tourist visa brokerage services, information regarding the clinics that provide medical services required for the travel, information on the economic and social environment of the destination, car rental services at the destination, rental of other transportation vehicles (coach buses), train ticket reservations, travel insurance, etc.

Integrated travel management programmes, reports, statistics, and surveys, negotiations dedicated to the corporate customer, and triparite contracts

EXIMTUR has been consistently promoting a travel management policy for corporate customers with high travel volumes. Moreover, customers are consulted and advised on an on-going basis, in order to optimize their travel budgets.


We offer the possibility of preparing monthly, quarterly, biannual, and annual sales and financial reports, and, upon request, for the whole travel portfolio, a breakdown of the services purchased by category (air tickets, accommodations, insurance, car rentals, events, etc.).


EXIMTUR is able to regularly review, together with the customer, the relevant reports and statistics and to suggest solutions to reduce the specific costs involved, such as: negotiating preferential rates on air tickets, negotiating accommodation rates for hotel chains or preferred hotels, proposals for optimization of the reservation and travel times, etc.

Our portfolio includes significant tripartite contracts, to which EXIMTUR is a party, along with the airline company and the corporate customer, contracts which have been negotiated by EXIMTUR travel consultants in the benefit of the customer, involving preferential rates for destinations identified as being of interest.

Furthermore, actions of negotiating preferential rates for corporate customers also extend to accommodation services or the planning of events in the country or abroad, according to travel volumes and the scale of the event, as well as to the sales volumes generally achieved by EXIMTUR with its suppliers.


Trade policies for corporate customers and general benefits

EXIMTUR’s trade policies regarding business travel activities envisage, first of all, a transparency concerning the type, amount, and quality of the services offered, the rates and prices charged by EXIMTUR, and are based on fair cooperation and mutual benefit.

The rates and prices charged by EXIMTUR in its relationship with corporate customers are closely related to the customer’s traffic volumes, to the terms and conditions of payment for the services, to the complexity of reports and traffic surveys required, and are subject to negotiation, among the other contractual provisions.

The managers of our agencies around the country are trained to present EXIMTUR’s specific trade policies to corporate customers, and higher volume contracts are negotiated and coordinated by specialists of the central management of our company.

EXIMTUR’s policy regarding the employees of corporate customers is to offer them preferential rates and prices, as well as facilities, under the same conditions as those granted to the companies they work for, throughout their employment in such companies, as long as this is not contrary to the policies and interests of the corporate customer.

The business trips of the representatives of EXIMTUR’s corporate customers are usually included in the sweepstakes and promotions organized yearly by EXIMTUR for its customers.


24-hour round-the-clock assistance for corporate customers

Our corporate customers with high traffic volumes are assigned key account managers, providing 24-hour round-the-clock on call assistance.

In addition, for reservations and information in unforeseen and emergency situations, our corporate customers may also call EXIMTUR’s general assistance Call Center (phone no 0364-803808).


Delivery of travel documents electronically or by courier service

We are able to deliver travel documents or any other documents requested in the fastest way possible, either in e-format, via e-mail, or within 24 hours via our local courier service partners, with document tracking through an online management platform for documents delivered to partners of EXIMTUR.


EXIMTUR LEISURE: Leisure Travel Services

Booking and ticketing for air and rail transport, for the public

With over 60,000 tickets issued in 2016, EXIMTUR is one of the leading air ticketing companies in Romania, for both domestic and international routes. Our 24-year experience, the qualifications of our agents, and our partnerships with the major Romanian and foreign airlines enable us to offer the best price/quality ratio for the air tickets purchased in any of our agencies.

EXIMTUR makes reservations and issues air tickets for any destination around the world, with any airline.

Besides the traditional IATA airlines, we also issue low-cost tickets for airlines such as Wizzair, Blue Air, Ryan Air, etc.

EXIMTUR also offers its customers the possibility to make online reservations for air tickets, through the specific reservation module available on our company’s website www.eximtur.ro. Payment for such air tickets can be made directly on the website, by credit card or other payment methods, as determined by the customer.

Since 2009, EXIMTUR is a CFR- (the Romanian Railway Company) authorized online distributor of train tickets for domestic routes, whereas for Europe-bound traveling we can supply train tickets issued via Rail Europe.

For customers who require more information or assistance regarding online air ticket reservations or other services during out-of-office hours, we operate a non-stop Information and Assistance service, that customers can reach by calling phone number 0364-803888 or *9977.


Hotel reservations for personal and leisure travel to domestic and international destinations

EXIMTUR has direct contracts concluded with over 400 hotels located in cities across Romania, where we are able to make reservations at preferential rates. The database including our partner hotels and rates can be found on our company’s website www.eximtur.ro

EXIMTUR accesses online reservation systems made available by a large number of international suppliers, whose preferential rates for high volumes make it possible for our agents to offer you hotels of all categories of comfort, in any major city around the world, at the best prices.


Vacations in Romania

EXIMTUR is one of the foremost national tour operator in domestic travel for many years.

As such, we have preferential contracts with a significant number of hotels of all types and categories, on the Romanian Black Sea coast and in all resorts and tourist regions of the country.

EXIMTUR’s offer of vacations in Romania mainly includes vacations and travel packages in over 150 hotels, villas and pensions on the Romanian Black Sea coast, vacation packages in health resorts, in hotels with treatment, spa & wellness facilities around the country, leisure trips in the Danube Delta, accommodation in hotels, pensions, and floating hotels in the Delta, rural tourism and agritourism packages, cultural themed tours around the country, vacation packages in mountain resorts, etc.

For every tourist season, our offer for vacations in Romania and our special discount offers are available on the company’s website www.eximtur.ro and in our specialized, printed or electronic catalogues and brochures.

The special vacation programmes around the country that we traditionally offer to tourists are: “Early Booking”, “A Week of Recovery”, “Spa Decade”, “Come to a Spa”, “Seaside for All”, “A Week in the Mountains”, “ You pay for 6, you stay 7”, etc.


Vacations abroad

Through our partnerships with the leading European and international tour operators who have accredited our company for the distribution of services, EXIMTUR offers its customers one of the most comprehensive and diversified offer of vacation destinations on the Romanian travel market.

We are able to offer any destination around the world, under safe and comfortable conditions, to customize and to offer vacation packages for both high and low travel budgets, according to the preferences of the various categories of customers.

EXIMTUR’s offer of vacations abroad includes various types of vacations, such as: “city break /short vacations in capitals and cities”, service packages with charter flights included, with departure from the major cities of Romania, Hungary, Austria, or Germany to destinations such as Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Egypt, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, etc., offers for individuals transportation non-included (Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria, etc.), vacation packages for exotic destinations (Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Thailand, Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, the Caribbean, etc.), cruises, cultural tours, religious pilgrimages, motivational vacations (for spa & wellness, for summer and winter sports, active tourism, luxury services, packages for honeymoon couples, packages for families with children or  low cost packages for senior citizens , etc.).

The special discount programmes for vacations abroad that we traditionally offer to tourists are ”Early booking”, “Pay 6 and stay 7”, “Pay 10 and stay 12”, “Vacations for Seniors”, “Last minute”, etc.

For every tourist season, a part of the offer of vacations abroad of EXIMTUR company and the special discount offers are available on the company website www.eximtur.ro and in its specialized, printed or electronic catalogs and brochures.


Associated Services

EXIMTUR offers a wide range of travel associated services, such as: tourist visa brokerage, rent-a-car (through AVIS, AMADEUS, TUI, and local transport operators), travel medical insurance and cancellation insurance (OMNIASIG), information to customers regarding the effective passport and visa arrangements, information regarding the medical facilities providing the services required for travel to certain international destinations (check-ups, tests, vaccines), information regarding the political, social, and economic environment of the destination, etc., delivery of the travel documents within 24 hours at the latest anywhere in Romania and abroad, etc.


EXIMTUR- The Tourism School

In 2008, EXIMTUR established and accredited EXIMTUR Tourism School, through which we organize training courses, professional training and specialization in various professions of the tourism industry, such as: travel agent, tour guide and tourism manager. More information is available on our website: www.eximtur.ro.. More information is available on our website: www.eximtur.ro.


Trade policies for the public and for loyal customers

EXIMTUR offers discounts and promotions to the company’s loyal customers every year, by applying price discounts on the vacation packages purchased.


Contests and promotions systems

Every year, EXIMTUR organizes vacation sweepstakes, or other award contests for its customers, as well as for those of its partner agencies reselling EXIMTUR products.

The contests and promotions, as well as information on winners, are available on the company website www.eximtur.ro.


Benefits for the public

Starting with year 2008, through its partnerships with banks such as Unicredit BankGaranti BankCredit Europe Bank, Banca Transilvania, Raiffeisen Bank, BCR, Alpha BankBancpost, EXIMTUR provides its customers with the possibility of purchasing any service on an interest-free installment plan. The “Pay in 10 interest-free installments” programme operated by EXIMTUR has enjoyed a huge success, bringing the company an important growth in the number of customers who chose this payment arrangement.

Starting with 2009, EXIMTUR accepts, under the law, holiday vouchers payments for vacations and hotel services ordered and delivered throughout the country. In 2009 and 2010, EXIMTUR recorded the highest turnover on holiday vouchers in the country, in amount of RON 2,000,000-. per year.

Information on the interest-free installment plan and on payment by holiday vouchers is available on the company’s website www.eximtur.ro.


Round-the-clock assistance for the public / EXIMTUR Call Center

EXIMTUR provides its customers 24-hour 7-day round-the-clock assistance before, during, and after travel, through its Information and Reservation Service, available at phone no 0364-803888 or *9977.

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